Design Capability

CAD Capabilities – Full 3D CAD facilities- CAD based lift planning

James Jack can design detailed site plans to meet the tightest planning deadlines. With cloud-based file management, the latest CAD drawing software, we have unrivalled capabilities that will ensure your lift runs as smoothly – and safely – as possible.

Our state-of-the-art computer-based lift planning software allows us to accurately forecast crane positioning and make the necessary calculations to identify any issues that may arise. This means you can make design decisions at the earliest opportunity, and formulate the most efficient blueprint for your lift.

Where multiple cranes are required on-site, our Complex Lift projects teams will combine creative thinking with technical insights to deliver bespoke engineering, project design and implementation solutions.

Pre-lift logistics

In many cases, crane hire can be an afterthought, but by getting our expert transportation planners involved as early as possible in the process you can benefit from true end-to-end lift management..

With a large fleet of haulage vehicles also at our disposal, we can design the best solution for any project, going above and beyond with ‘behind-the scenes’ logistics you may not even realise you need.

Design Capability | James Jack Lifting Services