Committed to quality, health, safety and the environment

Make the Safe Choice is our commitment to the safety of our people, our customers and members of the public. It is our guiding principle which defines how we deliver safely.

While safety has always been the focus of the company’s operations, Make the Safe Choice builds on and develops further the safety culture we have established over the years. Make the Safe Choice is about us all following a safe system of work, understanding potential dangers, identifying them and responding appropriately. In practice it means that if we are ever in doubt, we stop and make the safe choice about what we are doing. It recognises that we all share a collective responsibility for the safety of everybody engaged in our operations.

We want to build a culture of safe practice that engages all of our team and is valued by our customers. Near miss reporting is key to us achieving these objectives. We actively encourage staff to report near misses – in confidence if necessary – via a number of methods.

More than anything we want everybody to be Safe, work Safe and get home Safe.

QHSE Policy Statement – Integrated Management System (IMS) QHSE Policy Statement

It is the Policy of Ainscough Crane Hire Limited to provide a high-quality, safe and healthy environment in which our employees, visitors, customers (and others who may be affected by our operations) can carry out their duties whilst ensuring we protect the environment from any damage caused by those operations. We are totally dedicated to the principle “Target Zero” and are committed to the encouragement and implementation of a pro-active and common sense approach to all Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality matters.

The Board of Directors and Management recognise and are committed to prevent injury, ill health and pollution by our operations. Our continual improvement in occupational health and safety, environmental and quality management are of paramount importance and an integral part of business performance, which shall receive foremost priority over all other aspects of business. Sufficient resources in financial and manpower terms shall be available to ensure pursuit of excellence. Management, at all levels, are committed to achieving a high level of Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality performance by means of compliance with all Legal Acts, Regulations, Codes of Practice, Enforcing Authorities Guidance Notes, Industry Best Practice Standards, Company and Client requirements and of continual cost-effective improvement of risk awareness from our undertakings and from the affect of risks from others.

The Implementation of Policy, Procedure, Statutory and Industry Standard’s requirements will be through the provision of information, instruction, training and supervision of line management who have a duty to consult and encourage the active participation of every employee in the promotion and maintaining of a positive Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality culture. The Company will ensure that Risk Management is an integrated part of task planning and that all plant and equipment used is fit for purpose. Impact on the Environment is assessed and minimised where practicable. Feedback from clients, contractors and employees is measured and acted upon through management meetings and reviews. All accidents and incidents shall be investigated with appropriate actions taken to prevent reoccurrence.

Objectives shall be set by the Board and communicated to the Management through management meetings.

The systems in place will be continually reviewed and audited, with all employees being urged to suggest improvements and take ownership of the systems. This will assist in raising company standards, resulting in the ability to offer customers an improved service.

The Policy will be kept up to date, reflecting any changes in the nature and size of the business and reflect any changes in legislation. As a minimum the Policy will be reviewed on an annual basis with all revisions being brought to the notice of all employees. All complaints about any breach of the Policy shall be addressed in a timely manner and to the satisfaction to all involved.

Employees will lead by example, adopting a “take no risk” behavioural culture, complying with all requirements and shall be held accountable for their Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality performance and behaviour. Every employee has the right to refuse to work where they consider the conditions unsafe to do so. They shall always report for work fit to undertake their duties, work safely and where identified, report risk, damage and non-compliance.

The overall aim of the company is to provide the people, organisation and resources to supply our customers with the products and services that satisfy their requirements in every respect and maintain a sustained excellence in the quality of all our undertakings. Working in accordance with the requirements of defined standards, expectations will be achieved by a high level of commitment from all employees, ensuring that each has a good understanding of all requirements and that the level of quality is continuously and consistently maintained.

We will strive to minimise energy and water usage across our business operations and operate plant and equipment with due regard to reducing the potential for atmospheric, chemical, noise and light pollution. New products and processes will be assessed for their environmental impact. As far as possible we will purchase products and services that do the least damage to the environment and will encourage others to do the same.

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