Infrastructure projects lie at the core of James Jack’s capabilities, with decades of expertise enabling us to plan and execute all aspects of any lift in any job. Whether we’re called upon to oversee lifts in airports, water sewerage sites, ports, harbours, roads or rail, no task is beyond the reach of our vast capabilities.

From civil engineering companies providing engineering solutions to infrastructure providers to sub-contractors including steel erectors, bridge manufacturers and demolition teams, James Jack can work with you step-by-step to assist in the creation of new and critical infrastructure points right across the UK.
James Jack can:

  • Engage with you early in the design process to create an optimised solution that reduces timeframes, cost and risk
  • Plan and execute all aspects of your lifting requirements
  • Prepare all necessary documents to make sure that any necessary road closures are in place
  • Help you to meet all health and safety requirements
  • Supply CAD drawings of all berthing requirements
  • Handle all aspects of project planning
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